Body Treatments

As specialists in marine spa therapies, Thalgo harnesses all the riches of the sea; oligo-elements, proteins, amino-acids, minerals and vitamins, Slimming, Firming, Detox and Relaxation.

We recommend courses of 6-12 sessions for maximum results

Thalgo Smooth and Firm Body Treatment

Discover Thalgo’s smoothing and firming marine treatment

After an exfoliating skin peel your therapist will apply either a cooling firming gel or a warning fat busting cream to targeted areas of the body.
A vigorous massage will then be carried out to help penetrate the active ingredients further into the skin. You will leave feeling firm and invigorated.


£49.00 – 1 Hour Session

£272.00 – Course of 6 x 1 Hour Sessions

Body Scrub

Skin is exfoliated using a revitalising body scrub to remove impurities and excess cells. Stimulates circulation and boosts cell regeneration. Soft hydrating emulsion is then applied to the skin leaving it feeling silky smooth.


£30.00 – 30 Minute Session

Swedish Massage

Full Body: £49.00 – 1 Hour Session

Neck, Back & Shoulders: £31.00 – 30 Minute Session

Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage is the ultimate relaxation experience using hot volcanic basalt stones. The stones retain their heat and are used to provide a deep massage penetrating the heat ten times deeper into the muscle than conventional massage creating a sensation of warmth and comfort and relaxing and de-taxing tired muscles. What could be nicer than the feeling of smooth hot stones massaging away the cold, stress, tension, tiredness, aches and pains?


Full Body: £52.00 – 1 Hour Session

Neck, Back & Shoulder: £34.00 – 30 Minute Session

Luxury Back Massage

Incorporating the use of an infra-red lamp to thoroughly warm and soften tissues prior to full back massage. This treatment helps to relieve tension, soothe away aches and pains and leaves your feeling totally relaxed. Includes complimentary scalp or foot massage.


£42.00 – 45 Minute Session

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